Rijiju launches Fit India Youth Clubs to promote Fitness

Rijiju addresses the audience at the launch of Fit India Youth Clubs, aimed at promoting fitness among India’s citizens. (Credit: PIB Delhi)

On the occasion of the 73rd Independence Day of India, Union Minister of Youth and Sport Kiren Rijiju launched a nationwide initiative, the Fit India Youth Clubs. The Fit India Youth Club is a part of the Fit India Movement envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It aims to harness the youth’s power to create mass awareness about the importance of fitness across the country.

The Fit India Youth Clubs uniquely combine fitness and voluntarism. About 75 lakh volunteers of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan and National Service Scheme, along with other youth organizations will unite to register as Fit India Youth Clubs in every region in the country. Each club member will motivate people from the community to practice fitness activities. 

The clubs will organize and encourage schools and local bodies to manage one community fitness program every quarter.

Speaking about the initiative, Rijiju said that only a fit citizen could contribute adequately to the country and help fellow citizens in times of need. With time, both the number of volunteers and people who can be motivated to join the Fit India Movement would grow. Soon, they would be able to reach out to every Indian.

Minister Rijiju and other officials at the launch of Fit India Youth Clubs. (Credit: PIB Delhi)

One of the initiatives that will be undertaken by the Fit India Youth Clubs is to popularize the Fit India Freedom Run, which goes on from August 15 to October 2. It is a unique concept that lets participants run at their pace and place while planning their running routes. The run has already gained momentum across the nation. Many have posted photographs and videos of their Independence Day run with #Run4India and #NewIndiaFitIndia.